Merhaba & Welcome to North Cyprus!

North Cyprus is a beautiful island located in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, and home to incredible golden beaches, a delectable cuisine including the freshest catch of the day, ancient ruins and castles to explore, as well as warm and friendly locals always willing to offer some good advice! North Cyprus has always remained somewhat off the tourist trail and so makes for the perfect travel destination for those wanting some peace and quiet away from the hustle-and-bustle of other Mediterranean holiday destinations, our selection of North Cyprus Hotels will ensure just that!

agrotuorism in north cyprus

Explore the ancient monasteries of North Cyprus amidst lush green forests, or don the garb of the Crusaders and visit the ruined castles, where historic battles once took place by the Venetians and even Richard the Lion Heart!

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When planning a trip to North Cyprus you'd first want to check up on the average temperatures throughout the year, closer to the date you can check the latest North Cyprus Weather Forecast. With 300 plus days of sunshine each year though, selecting which season to visit makes a minor difference, especially if you're just looking to escape the European winter without spending a fortune.

Cheap hotels in Kyrenia

is one of the main cities of North Cyprus, and a favorite for those visiting the island, with plenty to keep one busy throughout the day and night! The harbor of Kyrenia is particularly pleasant, and dining in one of the Kyrenia restaurants or cafes with a bottle of wine makes for a wonderful evening! Kyrenia is one of the most popular travel destinations of North Cyprus, also has many accommodation options to suit all budgets and expectations. Our local travel portal offers a range of Kyrenia Hotels with cheap hotels in Kyrenia, as well as the more luxury boutique hotels or villas in Kyrenia. When visiting North Cyprus you cannot miss at least a few nights in beautiful Kyrenia!

Accommodation in North Cyprus

is another popular city in North Cyprus and one that you'd definitely want to include on your travel itinerary. Located in the east of North Cyprus, Famagusta is famous for endless beaches alongside the stunning turquoise waters as well as its historical Old Town! It makes for a real history lesson as one wanders through the old streets of the Famagusta, with the Citadel Castle and all the little laneways with their cafes and basement bars, where you'll no doubt see more locals than sun-burnt tourists! As the local connection in North Cyprus, we've selected what we think are the best quality Famagusta Hotels, we also offer Famagusta Tours, and can recommend the popular Crusader Castle Tour of North Cyprus, that includes a real close look at traditional village life as well!

is another very interesting destination to travel to in North Cyprus, a city split down the middle between Greek Cyprus and North Cyprus, but safe for travelers. With many Nicosia Hotels on offer, as well as transport options between Nicosia and Kyrenia, it makes for a good couple of days stay. A Nicosia Tour provides guests with an in-depth look at the history of this city, which can be described as looking through a Kaleidoscope Turizm!

North Cyprus Events

When planning a visit to North Cyprus you should always check the latest Kyrenia Events or things happening in the other cities of Famagusta or Nicosia. Our North Cyprus Events page highlights a few of the top events and holidays of the country to ensure your stay here can be planned appropriately. If you're interested in Orchids, you wouldn't want to miss the wonderful Orchid season of North Cyprus, which can be enjoyed with our Orchid Tour of North Cyprus.

North Cyprus travel

North Cyprus is a country steeped in history that has also managed to keep abreast of the changing times. Many North Cyprus Hotels offer guests with all the modern conveniences and facilities, with swimming pools, bars, and restaurants, including breakfast, or if requested can be completely inclusive of all food and drinks if you'd prefer just to chill at your hotel or resort in North Cyprus. For those looking for a more authentic North Cyprus travel experience, one can stay in a beautiful old and restored North Cyprus villa or family-run guesthouse!

North Cyprus Restaurants

North Cyprus really is a beautiful destination to visit on your next holiday, with something for every kind of traveler, including ancient ruins, spectacular nature, stunning beaches and not to mention the delicious cuisine on offer at the many North Cyprus Restaurants! If you're wondering how to get around North Cyprus you can check out our North Cyprus Transport Guide, including transport information about Kyrenia ferries, buses, flights as well as information about the other cities in North Cyprus like Nicosia and Famagusta.

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