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A guesthouse consisting of beautifully restored, traditional village houses and buildings

The Karpaz Arch Houses was the first guesthouse to open in the Karpaz in 1990 and was established to encourage sustainable development in the region and to help maintain the traditional culture and character of the Dipkarpaz Village. The guesthouse proved to be successful, and over the years has expanded to include more rooms and a nearby restaurant that serves traditional Turkish and Cypriot dishes and sources many of its ingredients locally.

Currently, there are 16 traditionally furnished rooms all of which are simply decorated with hand-crafted linens and wooden or iron-wrought furniture. The rooms are situated within several separate stone-built houses all of which still have their traditional wooden beams and arched colonnades. With this blend of simplicity and authenticity, the Karpaz Arch Houses helps to perfectly maintain the character of this old Karpaz village.

The Karpaz Arch Houses is the perfect location for those looking for a relaxing couple of days away in the Karpaz but also for those more active holiday-types who enjoy walking, cycling, or wildlife-watching. The guesthouse has a few good-quality bicycles available for guests to use, and is also situated close to several different turtle nesting beaches and good bird-watching spots.


Close to all the best Karpaz beaches and several good traditional restaurants

The Karpaz Arch Houses is situated in the village of Dipkarpaz and is only 20 km from most famous beach in the Karpaz - Golden Sands Beach, where during the summer months Green and Loggerhead Turtles are known to nest. Just 10km west of Dipkarpaz are the ruins of an early Christian basilica, Ayios Philon, which looks out over two more beaches as is right next to the Oasis Restaurant. There are several small food markets right next to the guesthouse, and also the Manolyam Restaurant which serves some delicious Turkish and Cypriot cuisine.


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Hotel Address: Dipkarpaz, Karpaz Peninsula

Getting there

How to get to the Karpaz Peninsula

To travel to the Karpaz it is recommend (if you're not a keen cyclist!) to hire a car for a few days, as this is the easiest way to explore the region. It is possible to get public transport from Famagusta to Dipkarpaz but the service is not very reliable and infrequent. If you are travelling from Ercan (Lefkoşa) Airport to Dipkarpaz the journey will take approximately 1.5 hours. If you are travelling from Girne (Kyrenia) to Dipkarpaz the journey will take approximately 2 hours.