North Cyprus Olive Festival

Place: Zeytinlik  (02 Oct 2020 - 06 Oct 2020 )

From the first festival in 2001, each year has seen an increase in the artistic element of this week-long festival, giving it an international flavour as in 2009 artists from Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Romania and many other places joined with local musicians and dancers In addition, puppet making, drama workshops, university activity teams, games of chess, darts, tennis, plus face painting, football, badminton and culinary competitions all were added into the recipe to make the Festival attractive to tourists as much as to locals.

The village of Zeytinlik itself is the focal point with stalls, exhibitions and seminars, but the activities spread out into Kyrenia itself, making it a street festival of colours, tastes and satisfying to all the senses.

Starting in the first week of October, the Festival offers a programme to suit all ages and tastes, as well as celebrating one of the industries of this Mediterranean island.

The 19th Olive Festival 

The 19th Olive Festival will start with a cortege walk from Ramadan Cemil Square to Atatürk Square on Friday, October 2 at 18:00. Opening speeches will be held at the festival area of Zeytinlik village at 19:00, incense will be burned and the stands will be visited. On the first day of the festival, which will continue with the Kyrenia Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble show at 19:30, the group will perform authentic at 19:45 and the group SOS at 21:15.

Friday, October 4 - 19:45 - Group Authentic Concert
Friday, October 4 - 21:15 - S.O.S. concerts
5 October Saturday - 19:00 - Sinan Güzen Concert
Saturday, October 5 - Supernova Reggae Band Concert
6 October Sunday - 20:00 - Sabri Oğuzhan Trio Concert
6 October Sunday - 21:00 - Yeni Türkü Concert
Monday, October 7 - 20:15 - Kyrenia Municipality Chamber Orchestra
Monday 7 October - 21:15 - Happy Man Project
Tuesday, October 8 - 19:00 - Hasan Günyüz and İbrahim Çetiner Concert
8 October Tuesday - 21:00 - Ebru Aydın Concert