Shopping in North Cyprus

In Kyrenia you find a variety of local shops which range from low price to chic boutiques along the main street and in the smaller side roads off it. Nicosia and Famagusta also have little shops in the old town center. Supermarkets are located more at the outskirts. Traditional crafts are pottery, bags, rugs and killims, as well as jewellery, copper, brass and Lefkara lacework.

Be aware that unlike in Turkey, prices are fixed and bargaining is not encouraged when shopping in North Cyprus.

This North Cyprus shopping guide gives an introduction to what you may like to shop for on your visit. No doubt all this shopping will make you hungry, so we'd recommend you have a look at our North Cyprus restaurants guide as well.

North Cyprus Shopping Guide

Tourists can find a wide range of consumer goods in the shops of North Cyprus. Some of the biggest brands of the world are available in the local supermarkets. Astro and Lemar are the most popular supermarkets in North Cyprus. VAT, ranging between 2 and 20 %, is levied on most of the goods and services. Fresh produce may be purchased from any of the small stores and markets.

North Cyprus, in general, has quite a few shops selling imitations of contemporary designer clothes, accessories, and colourful and cute clothes for children. Silver and copper products, wood carvings, basketry, ceramics and handicrafts are also good things to shop for in North Cyprus. Nicosia and Kyrenia are two good shopping destinations that offer a wide range of shops.

Shopping in Kyrenia

The area behind the old harbour in Kyrenia has many shops located in a series of narrow streets. Each of these twisting streets has its own distinct character and tourists can spend hours in this area, shopping for anything from high street fashion and retail therapy to souvenirs and mementos.

The high street in Kyrenia begins at the statue of the White Dove and tourists can shop at the fine boutiques, jewellery stores and even grocers outlets here. Liquor and cigarettes are popular purchases as they are relatively cheap, with local brandy retailing at approximately ₤1.10 per bottle. Tourists are advised to keep an eye on their permitted customs allowances while buying liquor and cigarettes. Raki, wine and brandy are some of the specialities of North Cyprus.

Kyrenia is famous for fake designer clothing which is of a very high quality, though the clothes cost only a fraction of what they would cost back home. The quality and price does differ from shop to shop and it is advisable that you have a look around before you buy. The open market in Kyrenia is another popular shopping area.


Bazaar shops in the various towns and villages of North Cyprus are ideal places to pick up Turkish pottery, silk, scarves, cushion covers, tiles and ornaments. Paneri or Sista (basketry items) are of a superior quality and therefore more expensive. Large and strong baskets for clothes are found in the village of Edremit and at North Nicosia as well. Most of the basketry items are made in the remote villages of Gonendere, Gornec and Serdarli.

Lefkara Lace

One of the most interesting things to bring back from Cyprus is embroidered linen. Lefkara lace embroidery is a Cypriot tradition dating back to the Venetian era when women learnt to make intricate and beautiful lace designs with drawn thread. It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci was so enchanted by Lefkara embroidery that he carried back embroidered cloth with the "potamos" (river) design to drape over the altar in the Milan Cathedral. Tablecloths, bedcovers, headscarves and doilies made from Lefkara embroidery are good souvenirs.


North Cyprus is famous for carpets and small floor rugs (kilims) with vivid designs. Carpet weaving is an age-old tradition and is found predominantly in the region of Gazimağusa. Weaving wicker baskets is another old art form of Cyprus and wicker baskets are popular with both the tourists and the locals.


For those interested in the precious metals, North Cyprus has many gold and silver shops in each of its major towns. The jewellery comes in many sizes, shapes and designs and is sometimes combined with precious stones. Most shops sell by weight, and the prices are very competitive and reasonable.

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Some of these markets in the major towns of Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt are selling local produce and imported goods from Turkey, with small goods from curtains to children's clothes; boots to beetroots; stationery to saucepans, and much more.Some of these markets in the major towns of Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt are selling local produce and imported goods from Turkey, with small goods from curtains to children's clothes; boots to beetroots; stationery to saucepans, and much more.

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