Transportation in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is easily accessible by both sea and air, with flights from Europe and the UK to the Ercan Airport in North Cyprus. There are also flights to Larnaca Airport in South Cyprus, from which guests can rent a car or take a transfer to Kyrenia in 1.15 to 1.30 hours, depending on the traffic. There are daily ferry services from Turkey to the seaports at Famagusta and Kyrenia. These ferries cover the distance in about three hours. However, if you wish to bring your own car, the ferry offering this service takes around 8 hours.

The freedom of driving yourself around the stunning landscape of North Cyprus is hard to beat.

This North Cyprus Transportation Guide provides details on how to both get to and from North Cyprus, as well as the best ways of getting around the country. A great way to explore this beautiful island is by taking one of the many interesting local North Cyprus tours on offer. We also have some useful information on North Cyprus so you can learn more about the country before your travels.

North Cyprus Transportation Guide

Getting to North Cyprus

North Cyprus Flights

Due to the embargo on the Turkish Cypriot ports, direct flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and trade movements through the Turkish Cypriot ports are limited. Turkey and Azerbaijan recognize only the Ercan and Geçitlkale airports as legal ports of entry into North Cyprus.

Geçitkale Airport
is essentially a military airport and was used for civilian flights in 2004 when Ercan Airport was being modernised. Most flights operate from and to Ercan Airport. It is also possible to fly into Larnaca Airport in South Cyprus and cross the border into North Cyprus. Ercan Airport, the main airport of North Cyprus, receives over 90 flights a week.

Flights to North Cyprus first land at Turkey and then proceed to Ercan International Airport. This stopover time can be anywhere from less than an hour to five hours depending on your destination of embarkation. The major airlines operating from Ercan Airport are Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet and Cyprus Turkish Airlines. Visitors from the UK fly into Turkey and then North Cyprus from the airports at Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow. Most of these flights arrive in North Cyprus in the evening.

For transport from the airport to the city (or from the city to the airport), we recommend Green Path Transfers, who offer eco-friendly airport transfers in hundreds of destinations around the world.

North Cyprus Ferris

There are car ferries from South Turkey (Mersin or Taşucu) to Famagusta and Kyrenia harbour. In summer there is also a ferry boat from Alanya to Kyrenia harbour.

Getting Around North Cyprus

North Cyprus Bus

Common transportation in North Cyprus is the dolmuş (which means stuffed). These dolmuş taxi /minibusses run between Kyrenia and Nicosia, Kyrenia and the smaller villages, between Kyrenia and Famagusta, and Famagusta and Nicosia.

Getting around North Cyprus by Car

Tourists can get around North Cyprus by hiring or renting a vehicle. In fact, there are so many agencies which rent out cars that it becomes difficult to choose! Visitors also need to remember that cars hired in North Cyprus are not allowed to cross the border into South Cyprus. However, the North Cyprus authorities are more accommodating than their counterparts in the south and allow cars hired in the South to cross into North Cyprus.

By Scooter

If you prefer to get around on a scooter, you can hire scooters here too. Do check the brakes and tires before hiring a scooter and wear a helmet at all times. It may not be fashionable but it ensures safety.

By Bicycle

The adventurous and hardy tourist can hire a bicycle from some of the hotels, car rental agencies or the shops in the harbour area near Kyrenia. Enable Holiday Mobility rents out bicycles as well.

North Cyprus Taxi

Private taxis are available in all towns and the pricing is with meters. The most easy and comfortable way to travel from Larnaca Airport to North Cyprus is by taxi. Taxis from North Cyprus pick up tourists right outside the airport and transfer them straight to their hotel or villa in North Cyprus in just under an hour.

minibus Top

Kombos Kyrenia,Ramadan Cemil Square, Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: 0090 392 8152317

overland bus Top

Virgo Kyrenia, Ramadan Cemil Square, Mersin 10 , Turkey
Tel: 0090 392 8157287

Airlines Top

Turkish Airlines Mehmet Akif Cad. No . 52 Nikosia Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: 0090 392 2271061, 0090 392 4440849

Airline Top

Pegasus Airlines Memduh Asaf Sok. Kaya Bekiroğlu Apt. Köşklüçiftlik Nicosia Mersin 10. Turkey
Tel: 0090 392 2287311

Ferry Boat Top

Akgünler Turizm Ramadan Cemil Square No :1 Kyrenia, Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: 0090 392 8153510-11