North Cyprus Weather - Kyrenia Weather

The weather in North Cyprus is typically the Mediterranean, with long and dry summers, mild winters and short spring and autumn. Find out the latest temperatures in North Cyprus with our six-day North Cyprus weather forecast below.

Summer, between mid-May and mid-October, is characterized by cloudless skies and high temperatures but the coastal areas get a reprieve from the heat due to the cool sea breezes. Summer is the peak tourist season in North Cyprus when everyone makes a beeline for the beach. It is recommended that tourists carry light clothes, sunglasses and a hat.

North Cyprus experiences winter between December and February. Winters are mild; there is hardly any snow but there is rain. Winter in North Cyprus is unpredictable and though temperatures do not drop to the freezing point, light winter clothing is recommended.

Autumn and spring are brief and mild, but temperatures in North Cyprus at this time tend to dip at night. Visitors are advised to carry a pullover or a jacket along with some light clothing for use during the day.

If you're looking for information about things to see and do in North Cyprus, take a look at our North Cyprus Events page or North Cyprus Travel guide.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Oct 22
Hi:  27°C
Lo:  19°C
Oct 23
Hi:  28°C
Lo:  19°C
Oct 24
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  18°C
Oct 25
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  20°C
Oct 26
Hi:  28°C
Lo:  21°C
Oct 27
Hi:  26°C
Lo:  18°C